Solo Ad Pricing

ClicksRegular SOLOTier 1 SOLOUSA Only SOLOFunnel Clicks

  • My address
  • Regular SOLOs are 80% Tier 1
  • Tier 1 SOLOs are 98% USA, CA, UK, IE, AU or NZ
  • USA SOLOs are 98% Unites States Only
  • Funnel clicks come from thank you pages, download pages, after optin redirects, banners, bonus links and some SOLO clicks. They typically convert higher than standard SOLOs. They are delivered as follows. 500 clicks 15-30 days, 1K 30 days, 2K 60 days, 5K 180 days.
  • I always over deliver by at least 10%
  • Super active list & hundreds of subscribers added daily
  • All clicks are unique
  • You can supply your own swipe but I reserve the right to make any changes to it to better work with my list
  • If you do not supply a swipe or your swipe does not do well I will write one myself
  • All clicks are usually delivered at a rate of 100-200 a day.
  • I only guarantee number of clicks. I do not guarantee number of opt-ins or sales. There are no refunds.
  • Internet Marketing or Make Money Online offers only
  • I reserve the right to reject and refund any offer I do not like or do not think will do well


Hey Ed, thanks for outstanding solo ad service. Just submitting an order for 2,000 more clicks this month! Looking forward to the same top notch quality traffic as usual man. Igor Kheifets
Just finished a solo with Ed. Ordered 100 clicks and received massive over delivery and an amazing 50% opt-in rate. The icing on the cake was the three OTO sales. This is by far the best solo I have ever purchased! Dan McConnell
60.15%! Awesome solo buddy! I’ll be recommending your services to all my clients and students for SURE. Very quick,very professional and excellent customer service! You rock Ed :) Jonathan Right
I bought a 150 click solo from Ed, he delivered 181 clicks with 97 opt ins a whopping 53.59% conversion rate. Ed is #1 out of the 4 sellers. Thanks Ed! Michael Potter
I have been dealing with Ed several times. All the times he has massively overdelivered and my cost per action is always nice with him. I highly recommend you to do business with Ed. He is the real deal! Thomas Kragsig
I bought 100 click solo from Ed and got a huge over delivery coming in at 146 unique clicks with a 50% opt in. Ed sent the clicks super fast exactly when he said he would. I will definitely be buying some more of Ed’s solos. Matthew Houghton
I ordered a 100 click solo ad from Ed. I got great over delivery with 198 clicks and 92 optins for a 46.46% conversion. Highly recommend. Jennifer Bland
I bought 150 clicks from Ed Newman. and WOW is all I can say. He delivered in less then 18 hours, delivered 50 extra clicks AND I got 119 optins for a sexy 60% conversions.. He is 1000% ZAMURAI approved and has been added to my list of trusted sellers! Joshua Zamora
Ed Newman sent me a 100 click solo yesterday, with crazy over delivery and a 54% optin rate. Buyers – definitely check Ed’s solos out when you can! Dan Daniels
I bought solos from Ed many times and I am extremely happy with the service. Ed has great communication and delivers as promised . I got all my clicks with a large % of over-delivery , my last purchase had 42% optin . I am very pleased and will buy again… Thanks Ed you have a return customer for sure. Agnes W Mugo
Hey Ed, thanks for an awesome 100 click solo, I am seeing 140 unique clicks, and very good optin rate, thanks! Pradeep Kumar
Great solo with an awesome over delivery on clicks. Not to mention a 47% optin rate. Thanks! Riz Nicolas


“The Thing Is That I Can Help You Get 
Hundreds Of Leads & Dozens Of Sales,
  But You Need  To Read This 
IMPORTANT Short Info First”

All prices below are for unique clicks, not raw. Unique clicks are clicks from different (unique) visitors (different IP addresses), and raw clicks are all clicks on your link. If one person goes to your link and clicks it 6 times, you will see 1 unique click and 6 raw clicks.

I only count unique clicks towards the overall click count of your solo ad. This way, you’re always receiving more clicks than you order.

I do not use pop ups, pop unders, adfly, exit pops or any other kind of low quality traffic. Your link is sent to my premium list and it is clicked by REAL people reading my emails.

Your link will not be used as a “bonus” or “PS” link. Rest assured, you are getting highly targeted traffic to your offer.

“We all know the most useful traffic is from USA,UK,CA,AUS and that other countries aren’t so important.”

Before you place your order, take a look at my GEO structure and see for yourself that this is the best decision that you are about to make.”


I have a large active subscriber base who read my daily emails and check out the products I recommend. I am adding anywhere from one hundred to five hundred (or more) new subscribers per day. I average 10-30 unsubscribes per day. Therefore, at any given day, I’m adding at least 70-90 new leads to my lists.

So, if you want to run more than one solo ad, just like many of my customers, you can rest assured your ad will be clicked by different people as long as I space the promotions at least 2 weeks apart.